Spider's Web

I know, I know. I am a Filipino but I am writing this in English. Didn’t you read? This is my home, I’ll do what pleases me. ^_^

One of my friends told me that introverted persons express themselves more fully in writing. I don’t know if this is true, I haven’t tried it yet but maybe this is a start. I normally keep things to myself. I live on my own, you see.

I want to write this as spontaneously as I think it to be. Like a diary. But no “Dear Diary” to top it off.

I don’t care if there would be grammatical errors or spellings that needed to be corrected. Why? I don’t want to please anybody. I’m done pleasing them. It’s just that I want to know myself better. After all these years of living, I don’t know if I can truly say to myself that I know the I that is ME. Why I am doing the things that I need to do. Why I have to continue on doing things that sometimes I question if that is the right one or that I just don’t have a choice.

Or why I am writing this is the first place. Haha yeah sometimes I amaze myself.

I do observe people a lot. Why? It’s my tendency. I like it. And I love watching them in an unobtrusive way. When a person looks straight into my eyes without flinching, I know that person strives to be honest in his/her dealings in life. The mannerisms they do, the actions they show which sometimes are very contradicting to what they really say, constantly fascinates me.

I also read between the lines. What do I mean? Well, for the fact that I love watching and reading detective stories, I sometimes get a hint of what they really are, what they hide from the world and projects themselves to be, the unique self that they truly are.

Sometimes I sit for hours at a park just watching people, the children happily playing all around, couples oblivious of their surrounding, random passersby, and almost just anything or anyone. Am I a boring person? Nah, I don’t think so...my friends could testify to that. But yes, I’d choose to be left on my own with a book or two, rather than go to a party. So what, sue me.

I made this blog to write just about anything. My observations. What tickles me. What makes me frown for little annoyances that comes across me. And about my friends.

Of course I have lots of them. And I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. That’s how I value them. Sometimes I feel lucky for having each one of them. They’re not some public figures or celebrity icons to admire to, nor affluent persons of the uber upper class, but what the heck. They’re my friends, they’ve shown me what they are, with all the nuisances that comes with being friends (who would have the guts to call you at the wee hours of the morning just to say they just broke up with their partners, hah) but they are what they are, and I do am proud for being in their list of friends.

Lately, ahm let’s say 2months ago. I’ve made new friends over the spider’s web..hehe silly me. I mean I was just searching about Nursing results and Google gave me Reyna Elena among many other results. From then on, I got hooked up reading the posts there and having fun with the exchange of comments.

I got additional friends from there (and even created an umbrella email address to ease up the continuous exchange of individual emails) and they’re all wonderful in their respective rights. In alphabetical order (nyahaha), there’s Bea, ChuvaChienes, C5, Diwatangbyaning, KutangBato, ReynaElena, and Ross.

Maybe Santa decided I’m such a good person after all...because of them. I mean there’s nothing special about me. I’ve always thought of myself as just one of the population. Exist and co-exist. But the spider’s web has given me new flies to interact with.

Don’t you think that’s great? Well, I do and am now happily buzzing through.