Imagination Knows No Boundaries

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."

Probably the difference between man and the monkeys is that the monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination.

"Imagination" is the living power and prime agent of all human perception. Imagination is considered "a power of the mind," "a creative faculty of the mind," "the mind" itself when in use, and a "process" of the mind used for thinking, scheming, contriving, remembering, creating, fantasizing, and forming opinion. The concept of imagination challenges our sense of what we consider private and essentially humanistic.

On the other hand, the phrase "mind's eye" refers to the human ability for visual perception, imagination, visualization, and memory, or, in other words, one's ability to "see" things with the mind. The use of the phrase mind's eye does not imply that there is a single or unitary place in the mind or brain where visual consciousness occurs.

These 2 terms collectively refer to the unique services provided by Mind's Eye in the field of fine and precious arts.

Their motto: "The way we care for your art is an art form unto itself."

It is said that only few possessions are as precious as fine art. When you want to ship, store or display those valuable, or perhaps invaluable items, one rule comes to mind: Don't take chances. Instead, take advantage of the best services available. That's what Mind's Eye is all about. Mind's Eye is the product of a century-old tradition of caring for their customers and showing greatest respect for their fine art. They develop, design and construct crating and other structures that meet your exact specifications.

They offer an extensive array of the finest services from portraits to sculptures, chandeliers to antiques and more– all of them customized according to art, the needs, and budget. Their services encompass:
  • crating
  • transporting
  • storing and
  • showcasing virtually any kind of fine art
Their clients include:
  • museums
  • collectors of all kinds
  • personal
  • corporate

From portraits to sculptures, chandeliers to antiques and more, they offer the experience, the talent and the know-how to do the most artful job for the customers. Fine art can be thought of synonymously as to Mind's Eye. This is because their services are as artfully exquisite as portraits, prints, sculptures and more. The particular art of Mind's Eye is this:
  • More comprehensive
  • Completely custom
  • Always outstanding
  • For museums, for collectors, for investors
A collector’s enthusiasm may know no bounds, but frequently their homes are finite spaces. As their loved ones can attest, storage of an ever-expanding collection can become a problem. Many collectors of paintings and prints soon find that their collections exceed their available wall space. Collectors of miniatures often find their works scattered throughout dark mismatched vitrines. Sculpture lovers usually face the greatest storage challenges of all. As they expand, art collections end up stored in closets, drawers and under beds. These environments usually present threats to the longevity and health of your valued pieces. They also tend to make it difficult to keep track of the locations of particular objects. Works that are out of sight occasionally become out of mind as well. No collector acquires a beloved piece with the intention of hiding it away and forgetting it exists, but all too often, this is actually what happens.

At Mind's Eye, they can create the perfect solution for the security of your collection. Their designers can create state of the art facilities to suit collections of all types and scales. They can find the right answer to your art storage questions.

The very physicality of one’s art collection itself presents problems. The professionals at Mind's Eye can be of invaluable assistance when it comes to shipping, handling, vaulting, displaying, storing, and securing a significant collection.

You may visit or contact these details in order to find out more about them:

Mind's Eye
P.O. Box 357
Canton, MA 02021

P. (800) 428-9800
F. (781) 821-6392

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