The Spiderwick Chronicles (5-in-1 edition)


Yes, i was that lucky to have found the 5-in-1 edition of The Spiderwick Chronicles at the local bookstore. It's a treasure for me ' coz the hardbound cover is such a delight to my eyes. I've read somewhere that the movie adaptation is set for release this February 2008. I just hope they didn't mess up the plot just like what they did with The Golden Compass....aaarrggh.

The story is about three children who battle goblins and other magical creatures who are after Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide. The story follows the adventures of the Grace children: Simon, Mallory and Jared as they encounter many different types of faeries. The faeries themselves are left ambiguous as to be an integral and yet non-interjectional addition to the plot.

I found their official website here (The Spiderwick Chronicles), and I think it's as much enchanting as Pan's Labyrinth's. ^_^

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