Tripod On the Go

Tripod is a word generally used to refer to a three-legged object, generally one used as a platform of some sort, and comes from the Greek tripous, meaning "three feet".

As the name implies tripods are three-legged creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They lend support to an otherwise unstable marriage between man and machine. Videographers and photographers can extend the range of conditions that they shoot in (night, low-light) and improve the sharpness of their shots significantly with a solid tripod to support their cameras. In fact, a tripod is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your photographs and videos destined for the Web.

The ideal tripod "is a cubic yard of solid concrete with a 1/4" X #20 head sticking out of the top." While this certainly would give a nearly vibration-free support, for most photographers this is not a viable option. That's where tripods come in handy.

The first step in deciding which tripod to buy is to analyze where and how you are going to use it. If you're planning on taking outdoor photographs, it may be worth it to spend the extra money for a tripod that has both features. The next thing to consider in a tripod is the type of head. Cheaper tripods usually have a fixed head, while professional tripods come with a replaceable head that can accommodate different cameras and be tilted side to side and up and down.

Size and weight become important when a tripod is used for outdoor photography and needs to be carted around. A good tripod should reach at least to eye level, but still fold down to a size that's easy to carry and store.

Another important feature to look for in a tripod is a locking mechanism. This consists of a simple switch that locks the legs in place so there is no risk of the tripod collapsing in the middle of a photo session. A similar locking switch, called a quick release fitting, is sometimes attached to the camera and used to lock it into the tripod head.

In this field, SLIK has been quietly designing and manufacturing their own high-quality slik tripods for more than 50 years. SLIK has won 6 prestigious Japanese Ministry of Trade and Industry "Good Design" (G-Mark) awards. SLIK's original and innovative designs have been copied so many times that some of their ideas have become industry standards.

You can search online for the best deals in slik tripods. According to their relevance, you can choose from some of these choices:

  • Slik Sprint Pro 3-Way Tripod = Best Price: $85
  • Slik SBH-320 DQ Ball Head with Quick Release, Maximum Load 10 Lbs Black Tripod = Best Price: $150
  • Slik U 8000 Tripod = Best Price: $47
  • Slik SPRINT MINI 611800 Tripod = Best Price: $60
  • Slik SPRINT PRO Tripod = Best Price: $75 recommend these three according to their WizeRank rating, meaning you can buy them with confidence:

  • Slik PRO 700 DX Tripod = Best Price: $107
  • Slik U-212DX Tripod = Best Price: $99
  • Slik SDV-20 Tripod = Best Price: $23
The Slik PRO 700 DX Tripod is ranked first among slik tripods according to buying confidence, and one of the buyer said, "it has a very sturdy platform for cameras up to 15lbs, durable and well built. With the legs fully extended, and center column down, it is solid as a rock, and I can look through the viewfinder without bending into an uncomfortable position."

Ah, the tripod. Nobody, but nobody likes to carry one. Yet nothing, but nothing, will improve your photography as much. The tripod is the single most important camera accessory most photographers can have.

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