100 Ways to Show You Love Inkheart!

  1. You read the book till it disintegrated. Then you bought another copy and read it again.
  2. You pretend you are Meggie.
  3. You call all your crazy friends Elinor.
  4. You call your father Mo.
  5. You call your mother Resa.
  6. You see a man with a scar on his face and matches and you scream, "Dustfinger!!!"
  7. You run and hug "Dustfinger"
  8. You read the book trying to make your favorite characters appear in front of you.
  9. You write variations of scenes in the book, having added yourself to the scenario, and read aloud, trying to read yourself in.
  10. You start to repeat posts because you love the book so much.
  11. When you heard it was going to be a motion picture, you immediately ran to the computer to find out everything you possibly could about it.
  12. You learn German so you can read the books in their original form.
  13. You move next door to Cornelia Funke and harass her about the Inkheart trilogy.
  14. You own all the books in English and German, paperback and hardback.
  15. You have read every copy at least five times.
  16. You save up your money so you can buy your own copy and not have to bum it off friends.
  17. You're so busy reading the book for the 50 millionth time now!
  18. You're so crazy about the book you can't live without reading it at least 3 times each month.
  19. You write Inkheart related things all over everything (files, walls, siblings, exams)
  20. Bug your parents about how the movie IS going to be a good one because it's got Brendan Fraser in it, and everyone (except my grandma) knows who he is.
  21. You buy all of Cornelia Funke's books to read, including the little baby ones.
  22. Making your seven-year-old sibling read Inkheart.
  23. When you find someone who has yet to read the book, you open your purse, pull out your emergency copy, and force him or her to read it then and there.
  24. You make your own Inkheart clothing line.
  25. If you were ever a monarch you would make reading Inkheart compulsory, on pain of death.
  26. When you see an Inkheart teaser trailer on YouTube.com *wink wink* you watch it and you find that it gives off no information on the movie whatsoever and you almost break your grandma’s nice, brand new, sad-to-be-jealous-of, computer. (But, hey, it was funny)...(go to search on youtube.com and type in "Inkheart trailer")
  27. You write songs about Inkheart.
  28. You find out the cast of the Inkheart movie and go buy every movie the actors were ever in, trying to make sure they are perfect for their parts.
  29. You have Inkheart as the desktop for your computer and you have a message on your phone, which says "welcome to another Inkheart filled day" every morning.
  30. Everything you say is a quote from Inkheart.
  31. You write in your copy of Inkheart "Please sign here:" so if you ever meet the author she'll know where to sign...
  32. You name your pets after Inkheart characters.
  33. You wish you were good at art so you could paint "INKHEART" on your bedroom walls (believe me this is the only reason I wish I was good at art)
  34. You learn to pilot a plane so you can write "INKHEART" in the sky.
  35. You refuse to date a guy unless he likes Inkheart.
  36. You kidnap the president so you can ransom him for all Inkheart related merchandise.
  37. You ACCIDENTALLY call your dad 'Mo'.
  38. You give your father a copy of Inkheart for father’s day, ditto your mother on mother's day.
  39. Everyone's birthday present is Inkheart, regardless of the fact that you have given him or her a copy every birthday for the last 7 years (he heh Pfisty, guess what your birthday present is yet?)
  40. Your best friend agrees to see the movie just because she will be hated forever if she does not show interest in all things Inkheart
  41. You frame a copy of Inkheart and hang it on your wall.
  42. You get someone to make you a t-shirt with Inkheart on it and wear it as much as you can.
  43. You put Inkheart under your pillow even though you can't sleep with it there.
  44. You take time out from having friends over to visit you just to read Inkheart again for the nth time
  45. You give your friends long lectures on why Inkworld is the perfect place to live.
  46. You make all of your friends (including people that your parents know) read the Inkworld books.
  47. You see a man with a scar on his arm and run up to him screaming, "Mo!".
  48. You plan on buying every movie of the Inkworld to watch it 5 times a day.
  49. You have dreams about the Inkworld characters.
  50. Cry every time you think of the fact that the Inkworld series is a trilogy (ya know with only three stories).
  51. Go one Google every day to see if you can find out stuff about Inkheart.
  52. You and your friend are writing songs to describe every character of Inkheart and Inkspell.
  53. Can't pass by a copy of the book Inkheart without grabbing it and reading it.
  54. Vow to find Cornelia Funke's e-mail address if it kills you.
  55. When you finally find it you bombard her with so many "OMG I LUV U SOOOOO MUCH!" emails she changes her name to Steve.
  56. Go after everyone named Steve in Germany.
  57. Every time you write "Ink" you automatically finish the word with "heart".
  58. Every time you find someone who might be slightly interested in Inkheart (or even not at all) you shove the book in their hands, force them to read it, and then make them join the forum, whether they like the book are not!
  59. You leave Inkheart books everywhere to try and get people to read them
  60. You "accidentally" slip your spare copies of Inkheart to people walking on the street, and when they kindly return it, you tell them that for being a caring person and not stealing it, they can have it.
  61. When you see a commercial about books, and see a copy of Inkheart in the stack, you burst out, "OMG its INKHEART!!!!"
  62. Your heart beats like: Inkheart...Inkheart...Inkheart...
  63. You have roughly 12 stickers that say "Inkpatch" in your purse.
  64. You get excited every time your dad lights a match, cuz they smell like Dustfinger, but then sob when he soils the smell with his cigarette.
  65. Imaginary Dustfinger asks you for a match and together you watch the flames. (in the case of Ritz)
  66. You try to thing of words that rhyme with Inkheart.
  67. You see someone in a red robe, yell, "AHH!! CAPRICORN!!!" and run screaming in the opposite direction.
  68. You travel the world looking for an old fashioned bookbinder like Mo.
  69. You finally find one in the phonebook and you buy a copy of Inkheart just to tear it up and then you take it to him, hoping to scare him.
  70. You convert the police to the joys of Inkheart so they actually do arrest people for not liking Inkheart.
  71. You Google Inkheart and are mad when there are not more sites about Inkheart.
  72. So you also use yahoo and excite, and any other search engine ever created, trying to find more Ink sites.
  73. You make your search site Inkheart themed.
  74. You write every kind of song about Inkheart....rock, pop, rap...so on...
  75. You bust outta jail with the power of your trusty Inkheart book.
  76. You have an Inkheart cell phone cover.
  77. You theme your computer Inkheart style.
  78. When you are sick, only Inkheart can make you feel better.
  79. You eat Inkheart-noodle soup.
  80. You're Imaginary army takes over the world and enslaves all non-Inkheart lovers.
  81. Your enemy uses the powers of Inkheart to bring hello kitty to their side, proving that Inkheart can fix any problem.
  82. You try to clone Inkheart, but hen realize that they print books and can make more copies.
  83. You read your book so much that people often ask you "Your reading it again?"
  84. You are saving all your life savings to get a library like Elinor's.
  85. When attending a baby shower, you feel it is very appropriate to give a copy of Inkheart as a gift. "Baby's first Inkheart."
  86. When caught in the shower during a fire, you choose to save Inkheart rather than your clothes.
  87. You make new clothes out of copies of Inkheart.
  88. You delight in the perk that your clothes are Inkheart, and you will always have a copy to read.
  89. You sign a petition to put Cornelia Funke on money.
  90. When the store blacks out during a storm, you use the opportunity to take every copy of Inkheart available and leave quickly.
  91. You make an Inkheart themed Duck tape dress.
  92. When in writing class, you get to write over any topic and decide, every time, to write another fanfiction in Inkheart.
  93. You buy brand new notebooks and sharpies so you can color Inkheart stuff all over the notebooks.
  94. You color your shoes Inkheart theme.
  95. You patent the Inkheart shoes and sell them to make millions.
  96. You don't make a lot so you decide the world needs to more Inkheart lovers, so you go around creating yet another cult to take over the world for the third or fourth time so far in this thread.
  97. You're Anime/Game/Lord of the Rings-Loving Grandma actually wants to read Inkheart now.
  98. They rename the jail "Rehabilitation Center for Inkheart Addicts".
  99. They put you in solitary for the "damaging" affect you are having on the other patients in talking to them about the books.
  100. The center closes down because it is an impossible illness to cure.


54 Responses to "100 Ways to Show You Love Inkheart!"

Anonymous Says :
Thu Apr 03, 10:20:00 AM 2008

I totally agree!!!!


Anonymous Says :
Tue Apr 08, 07:13:00 AM 2008


Anonymous Says :
Tue Apr 08, 07:13:00 AM 2008


Ink, series lover Says :
Sun Apr 20, 09:20:00 AM 2008

i LOVE inkheart and inkspell and i am obsessed w them, and for halloween, i am wearing an inkworld dress and u have an awesome blog and ilove Meggie, Farid, Gwin and everybody in the ink series. i harrassed every 1 at all local bookstores for innkdeath.... i CRAVE indeath.... i read inkheart 3 times and i read inkspell 12 times and i am an inkheart addict!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxinkheartxox Says :
Sat Jul 12, 12:01:00 PM 2008

i so agree! Ive almost done everything on the list(well some of then anyway)lol anyway i still LOVE the inkheart trilogy :)

Anonymous Says :
Fri Aug 08, 12:09:00 AM 2008

I'll do that. ^^

Anonymous Says :
Thu Jan 29, 11:31:00 AM 2009

omigosh i've done like every single thing on there. I read this and burst out into laughter at how much of an obsessive person i am.. ajhahaha

InkReader92 Says :
Sun Feb 15, 02:25:00 PM 2009

I have already done most of those things.

You sign a petition to put Cornelia Funke on money.

Where can I sign?

InkheartfanNL Says :
Wed Jun 10, 12:06:00 AM 2009

You're the best!

I love Inkheart!

Is it okay if I copy the 100 (...) and put it on my channel?
I will link youre blog of course!

Inkheart rocks!

Anonymous Says :
Thu Jun 11, 11:23:00 PM 2009

I LOVE Inkheart! I was sooo happy when I found out the movie came out on my birthday. I read the book I-don't-know-how-many times.

Great job!

Anonymous Says :
Thu Oct 22, 04:21:00 AM 2009

I accidently keep calling my ferret gwin :D LOVE the Inkheart trilogy, read it a dozen times.

Anonymous Says :
Sat Feb 27, 11:39:00 AM 2010

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Mon Mar 01, 10:19:00 AM 2010

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Meggie Folchart Says :
Sat Mar 06, 09:06:00 AM 2010

Wow there's actually books about me!!! :-0 who's this cornelia funke? didn't Fenoglio write the book... i cant believe it!
-Meggie Folchart

Anonymous Says :
Thu Mar 18, 01:48:00 PM 2010

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