Anime MP3s at Galbadia Hotel

I always frequent this site to download a lot of anime MP3s. It really does have a wide collection of MP3s of Final Fantasy soundtracks, as well as other animes like my favorite Howl's Moving Castle - I got my playlist from them. The site is really helpful and they're just free, even if I am not a member, I was able to download quite a number of songs even though it means I had to download them individually but if you're entitled to mass downloads.

Galbadia Hotel has video game music, anime music, sheet music, midis, and even commercials are all available there. And what I'm happy also is that they plan on expanding to whole anime episodes, downloads of abandonware games, and just about anything else you can think of related to video games and anime.

I hope the site gets permanent. They really help me in finding the soundtracks of all the animes I love. ^_^

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