It's All About Moola!

Yesterday I found this online game at this site: Moolah.

At first I was curious because I know that it is a slang word for money, so definitely bells were ringing in my head hehe...

However it is currently available to US residents only. But with my curiosity itching, I used a zip code from the US to get in since they only ask a US zipcode for your registration. I think the address is being asked when you already have funds in your account ready for payment.

So there, I successfully signed up but got booted out early after playing their Hi-Lo game, which is a card game wherein you have to guess if the next card given to you is high or low. Pretty easy eh? Nope because you have an opponent, a real one by the way and you're betting your free 1 cent(given by Moolah) against that opponent. Hehe I lost so now i don't have any funds and the only way I can continue the game is when I have successfully invited new players, because that's when they will give me additional fund.

Hmmm...I didn't pursue the game because I don't wanna spend my blogging in exchange for playing. Well yeah it's a way of earning also but I still would choose doing my writing assignments in comparison to doing it. I guess it's just not for me, not my type of making money online. But I heard a lot of people now have been paid in checks. There's even one site where I read that he's already received 2 checks worth $300+ each. Good for him, I think he's playing strategically given the 3 ways to earn money through the site.

Anyway, it was worth a try and I think it's a great way of spending your time online (well if you have no other better things to do) because you're playing and enjoying, as well as earning at the same time! ^_^

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