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Thanks to the budget airlines, it's now cheap and easy to travel between some of Europe's best tourist destinations. For Europeans and for visitors to our continent, the possibilities for travel have never been greater.

Nowadays a weekend trip from the UK could mean sunny lemon groves on the Italian coast, or a fast-moving Spanish football match. Through Tourist Heaven we will gradually add to our selection of European destinations, in addition to useful tools and resources for getting the most from your travel and your money.

An interesting consequence of self-planned budget holidays in Europe has been the effect on British tourism. Traditional holiday destinations like Bath and Blackpool, seeing their number of UK visitors declining, have pulled out the stops to re-market their attractions. They are having to compete with tourist cities like Barcelona and Rome. Quirkier, more interesting spots, and a more selective and demanding market are becoming the new face of British tourism.


There are times walking around the centre of Rome when you may feel that tourism is the city's raison d'etre. That's not entirely true, but tourists are certainly spoiled for choice in the Eternal City.

The Eternal City has been a major tourist destination for two thousand years and that status doesn't look like changing any time soon. Beautiful, fascinating, imposing and sometimes infuriating, Rome is a past master at being all things to all people. The city is on the route of budget airlines so there's no excuse not to pay a visit.
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Paris, “The City of Lights”, is synonymous with romance. Blessed with enchanting and beautiful landscape, it is a popular tourist destination. Paris has to offer something for everyone and attracts people from all wakes of life irrespective of age, culture, milieu, gender, and nationality. The charm of the city lies in its warmth and romance which is exuded in the attitude and outlook of Parisian. If your soul is seeking for the right place to express its identity, your heart looking for love, then Paris may be the abode you are searching for.

The capital of France is one of the most beautiful cities on planet earth. Thousands of tourists come to this city to see in person its charming streets, avenues and squares. Many others to visit its museums. Others come to taste its famous cuisine. Many other tourists come to this city to visit the sites where took place many events that changed our history for ever. But one of the main reasons to come to Paris is to fall in love.
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Right. Time to figure out how you’d like to spend your days in Dublin. Will you get your kicks from discovering Viking remains or a pair of half-price designer shoes. From hanging out in a museum or hiking in the mountains? From playing a round of golf or taking a trip around the original Guinness brewery?

Here is a concentration of delights for which you would motor many miles in other places - firm, clean beaches; shoals of sea fish and rivers full of game and coarse fish; championship-standard golf; two superb forest parks; two cathedrals; castles and gardens: boating. bird-watching, walking and pony trekking.
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London is a vast city, and is so rich in famous and evocative sights that a short-term visitor needs to be selective in their choice of activities.

Among the must-sees for most first-time visitors are the great historical sights such as the Houses of Parliament, parts of which are open to the public, world-famous clock Big Ben, and the imposing Westminster Abbey. Just over the Thames you can find the more modern charms of the London Eye, which offers spectacular views over the city.

The Tower of London is another of the city's most popular tourist attractions. Next to Tower Bridge, here you can see the Crown Jewels and take a step closer to the more murky bits of London's past.

London is world-renowned for entertainment and culture, most visitors will wish to take in a play, musical or art gallery. Whatever your tastes, you'll find London has a large amount to offer.
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