E-Mail Meets Snail Mail

Snailmail is a conventional mail in which a letter or package is physically delivered to your mailboxes, especially when the object mailed could have been sent electronically via the much faster e-mail and arrived at the destination instantly. Nowadays, email takes a large part of our contact with people but sending and receiving snail mails is still very important. Would you stare at your birthday package (picture) at an email, rather than receive it through snailmail? ^_^

Just as regular mail won’t die, we’ll always need mailboxes. How else would we receive our junk mail and letters from our loved ones that haven’t upgraded to the internet? They’re a must have. By choosing the right one, they can be stylish too!

There are many different types of mailboxes. Seattleluxe.com sells a wide variety of mailboxes for both residential and commercial uses. Custom, anti-theft, multiple unit and unique mailboxes are a few of the thousands of varieties of mailboxes that Seattleluxe sells. The right mailboxes can both beautify your home and protect your identity from mail theft!

So whether through rain, sleet, or comet storms…the ever dependable snailmail can do the job. ^_^

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