Your Brain: Use It or Lose It

No organ is more critical than our brain, which means the wear and tear of aging will show up first in thought function; you begin to get slower in movement and manners, easily muddled, more forgetful and eventually a little silly.

Memory loss and poor brain health are often associated with aging. It's so unfair: just at the age when you start figuring things out-who you are, what you want out of life-you begin noticing that you're losing your mind. Forget about anti-aging creams. What you need is something to reset your mental clock.

The first point to grasp is that your brain thrives on activity! It's a use it or lose it thing. Science has shown that the number of connections in the brain can be increased, no matter the starting point, by simply making demands of the mind. More connections mean more brain power. Any kind of stimulus is valid, be it crosswords, conversation, creative hobbies, sports or the arts, but doing what you love has the most benefits.

Is there anything like exercise for the brain to keep it in shape?

In their book, In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging, Ilchi Lee and Dr. Jessie Jones write: "The truth about the aging brain is simple but extraordinary: you can have a fit brain at age 60, 70, 80 and beyond. It's simply a matter of choice."

This video, Discover You(th), has been developed to inspire you to make these choices.

The site really has full of free resources, from quizzes to excerpts, including the 8-Weeks to A Younger You program. So while you can't stop the aging process completely, you can definitely slow it down! ^_^

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